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Enclosed below is a video introducing you to the Aladdin Market and Grill please click the video to see the interior of our market and grill... For further videos please click the below YouTube link...

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Comments About Aladdin Market and Grill

I was in Miami on business with Miami-Dade County and decided to stop in at Aladdin... I came in for lunch and had a takeout Falafel and Tahini on the side... Both items were cooked to order and were excellent... Will visit Aladdin when in Miami to do business again, worth the visit... John M., Palm Beach

I am a belly dancer and have a radar for Middle Eastern cuisine... Whenever I am in an unfamiliar part of town, I have an uncanny ability to find good Middle Eastern food... After a photo shoot last week, my internal homing device led me to Aladdin Market and Grill... Great job, Bellydancer GPS! I enjoyed the Shawarma Salad, it was a great meal, and was prepared with care... I will be back again... Donna H., Miami, FL

So yummy... The best Middle Eastern restaurant and grocery in all of south florida... They have a wide selection of wrap/sandwiches with the usuals, tabbouleh and hummus... Perhaps the best hummus in Miami-Dade county... They cary a wide array of hard to find arabic and persian foods... Ricardo G., Miami, FL

Was at the South Florida Educational Federal Credit Union and saw the sign for Aladdin Market and decided to check it out... Glad I did, it was excellent... I had the Baba Ghanoush and a Falafel Sandwich and some tea... Everything was delectable... Will not hesitate to return... Maritza H., Miami, FL

Hands down one of the best places to eat in the Kendall area... Consistently great food, and well prepared with fresh stuff... Anyone I take there wonders why I have not taken them there before... Fav of mine is the Shawarma and Baba Ghanoush... Nice store too, and the owners are very friendly... Juan R., Miami, FL

Lamb Shawarna sandwich was excellent! All the food I've eaten from Aladdin is fantastic... Go ahead a give it a try... Lourdes M., Miami, FL

Fantastic food and friendly people... Everything is made fresh to order... The Gyros are hands down the best in Miami... They also have a wide selection of Middle Eastern groceries... Highly recommend... Steve J., Coconut Grove, FL

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